20 May 2009

An overture

During a night-time taxi journey in the southeast of China, fellow Vision Forum-member Åsa told me the true story of a man she had met in India and engaged in a brief relationship. For the sake of anonymity and personal security the man is currently to be known by his stage name The Collector. The Collector currently lives a life in London and yeah, that's what he does, he collects people. Being inherently rich, he does not have to carry out a conventional job, his life is covered by dense layers of mythology and centers around an ancient prophecy carried down the bloodline of his family and ancestors.

In ancient times, there once existed a small utopian society, a self sufficient gated community, somewhere in the Himalayan mountains. The Village consisted of 200 people living in perfect harmony with each other and the surrounding nature. Their skin where colored in a light shade of blue, they had transcended the need for verbal communication and were telepathically linked to each other. When someone died in the village, their soul was instantly reincarnated into the vessel of a new born baby, creating an eternal circulatory system of life. However, all good things must come to an end and so did The Village, nobody seems to know why but the 200 souls were scattered around the world, destined to live out normal lives and doomed into not knowing either their origin nor their destiny. Enter The Collector. His mission in life is to collect them all and reunite them at their Himalayan utopia. Supposedly one of the villagers, an archer, was reincarnated as a fair maiden of the north and that's where Åsa came into the picture. The fact that her fore-arms are tattooed with arrow-like shapes might also have helped the cause. However, things happened, and Åsa is no longer The Archer, instead she turned into a Vampire. A sworn enemy of The Village according to prophecy.

That is the story so far. A while ago, Åsa and I traveled to London and stood outside His house. He didn't appear to be home.